What Are You Grateful For?

It’s 9:25 in the morning and the sun is shining brightly over a beautiful winter day here on the East coast. I woke up tired today (up too late last night) but after a workout, shower and coffee, I’m feeling so much better and ready to tackle the day.

I love this part of the day. When the whole day lies before you, full of potential and possibilities. It’s a time of the day when I haven’t screwed up yet (at least not too much), and everything still has the possibility of going right.

I’m grateful. Grateful for the opportunity to do what I do for a living; grateful for my family and friends; grateful for my health. I’ve been given so much and my ultimate objective is now simply to give back.

Gratitude is an amazing thing. The more grateful you become, the more you become aware of even more things to be grateful for, and the less the challenges in your life will irritate you. After all, if you are really focused and aware of the preciousness of your children, how upset can you really be about a traffic jam? Gratitude helps us maintain perspective, which is a powerful success tool; one that we will be talking more about in the coming weeks.

So today, take a minute to stop and see what you have to be grateful for. See if you can come up with 5 things that you are truly grateful for. And don’t keep them to yourself; share them with those you love, on Facebook and Twitter. By showing your gratitude, you will help others become more aware of the things they have to be grateful for and so the cycle will continue.

Gratitude. I’m grateful I have it. What are you grateful for?